Hi, We are Lethean!

An Open Source Fungible Virtual Private Network.

The name comes from the Greek word “Lethe”, one of the five rivers of the underworld of Hades.
It was believed the newly dead would drink its water to lose all memory of their past existence.

Formerly known as “Intensecoin”, the project has been around since 2017. It is both a cryptocurrency (LTHN) and a VPN service created using the Cryptonote principles.

Our mission is to enable digital safety, regardless of economic background, knowledge or geographic location.

Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services to form a powerful decentralized privacy solution. Unlike other VPNs, Lethean consists of decentralized network peers.

This makes our distributed VPN service much more challenging for governments to block, which means users enjoy a high level of security.

What are we making next?

Unified Privacy Toolkit, for laypeople.

Security products essentially have become the digital version of insurance, A costly venture to do right.

We believe people should have access to enterprise-grade software to protect their Human rights online.

Our VPN Client is becoming a security suite with a dynamic Desktop interface that adapts to the user's knowledge and installed features.

A community developed caretaker of personal digital security, allowing knowledge sharing and freedom of choice.

You could use this software to keep your family safe on their behalf, on your personal private network.

Our Community Network

Untraceable, Community Run, Independent.

Through our VPN marketplace or by direct setup via DNS entry. our open sourced and freely available code allows people to give access to their network to sell unused internet bandwidth.

We operate the market-api to coordinate a shared Virtual Private Network Marketplace, allowing providers and users to find each other anonymously.

This system is currently in active development to support not yet announced features, once all the phases are complete, the system will become a non-staking service & governance layer, putting control of the network in the hands of the community.

The optional payment method used to purchase VPN services anonymously is Lethean (LTHN), our very own non-traceable cryptocurrency.