Lethean ethos

Lethean LTD

The most potent control we can ever attain is to be in control of ourselves.

Mission Statement.

Provide technical solutions to the world’s most challenging issues, enabling business and interpersonal cooperation in unimaginable ways.

Vision statement

We want to create a world where communities thrive together in perfect harmony!

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure Every Minute Detail is Looked Into Before Any Code is Created; the Social & Economic Impacts of Our Work Take Precedent Over Profit & Pride.

Innovative Solutions

The Lethean Project mission statement is quite clear, however, it does not imply safety only in a digital world. This most importantly reflects our values of “Integrity” and “Together for Better”. Without integrity, all facets of our company, products and mission statement take a backward step.

Only together can we improve

“Together for Better”, implies that we can only tackle these challenges together, as many people. We must speak up in our teams and communities about the lack of integrity and restore it to empower our actions through all our work. Through a foundation of integrity only can we together build better products and sustainable communities while supporting people in impacting ways.

Forging Tomorrow; Together.

This statement allows those involved to focus efforts on areas that matter while providing the project, its people, and its purpose. In addition, the Lethean project supports charitable causes which align with this statement. This includes building safe and sustainable communities.

The company presently donates 26% of all profits to charitable causes as a commitment to such causes

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