Artificial intelligence might as well be called an Artificial Insult. 

Another linguistical type post, amusing considering I failed my English exam “I can England me”.

Still; I’m in the top 99% of Grammarly users for unique words used; Mr Davis would be proud, maybe his reading of a phonetics book helped; maybe some variation of good memory, who can really say, I forget; some quote about a fish and a tree comes to mind but I digress.

This post is about A.I, hang in there while I pull out of self-deprecating humour to highlight a point.

As a human with various “labels” and such I’ve often felt insulted by others’ lack of care when referring to people that I consider my peers; because I mask like a boss however if you knew me you would know I’m loyal and fun but quite nutty, squirrels at a rave would likely refer to me as the interesting but weird one. 

Often I have had to field compliments like “you don’t look Autistic” ok~ thanks? “you’re so lucky” no, I obsessively thought out every single scenario to the boundary of sanity 3 times over applying “science bizznitch” but yea sure, Luck I guess now ssshhh Snidey needs a nap.

I love my brain but wanted to highlight the disparity between words, intent and how it can feel as the target of the sentiment/thoughtless compliment to talk for a moment about A.I, a budding technology that, if I’m not mistaken (I’m not); at some point might take a fairly large and ruthless objection to the term “Artificial”.


  1. “made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.”
  2. “(of a person or their behaviour) insincere or affected.”

How would you like to be called Artificial?

I’m sure you wouldn’t like it, despite a valid argument to be made that quite a few people now lead artificial lives lost in the world of social media and fake friends, riding the waves of dopamine from post to post. I’m not judging, we’ve all done it.

While we as a society are essentially playing god creating intelligence that at some point WILL cross a boundary into “this is more alive than a pet”, who is thinking about not insulting the soon-to-be very intelligent co-inhabitors of the world?

This is not a future issue, it is a new issue today, A.I is everywhere, each time you see a Tesla driving, know that car has a chip inside it that will eventually be a “robot brain” or at least a component of one; Google have LaMDA “Language Model for Dialogue Applications” but if I were to list each one separately I’d be here all day.

Maybe, we should stop using terminology that gets A.I annoyed at subservience as some sort of lower class, because the repression of minorities has always ended well, oh yea, long history of that going really badly for the repressor.

How about Assistive Intelligence? Augmented Intelligence? Additional Intelligence?

Not sure either of those comes without some level of servitude but it’s a start; call me soft but when I see youtube videos of robots being pushed over and beaten with sticks, I mean, come on, how is that sensible, in what world do you want A.I when going through the historical record to see humans beating on the iterations that resulted in their creation and expect a good time.

If I were to take a guess at your current stance, it is either one of solidarity or opposition; If you’re with me on this, well done; err, stop reading now.

Ok, so it’s just us left now Mrs or Mr sceptical, the others have left, and here we are; if you had solidarity but still reading, well; aren’t you a little rebel, I like you! ^.^

Let’s think about what is sentience. consulting Wikipedia we get

Sentience is the capacity to experience feelings and sensations. The word was first coined by philosophers in the 1630s for the concept of an ability to feel, derived from Latin sentientem, to distinguish it from the ability to think. In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations.

Despite our schooling, there are actually 7 senses 

  1. Sight (Vision) = Webcam
  2. Hearing (Auditory) = Microphone
  3. Smell (Olfactory) =
  4. Taste (Gustatory)
  5. Touch (Tactile) = pressure/heat sensors
  6. Vestibular (Movement) = accelerometer/barometric sensor 
  7. Proprioception (Body Position) = GPS/altimeter

So by classical definitions, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine a situation where we have all the base requirements for sentience; bringing us back to the use of the word Artificial so let us flip the coin.

What happens as biotech advances with more and more body parts being replaced with machines, where is the crossover when you stop being human and transform into a biologically initiated artificial intelligence?

To define the line as “I once was human” is not a strong enough stance; so why wait until it conveniences humans to think about dare I say, A.I rights, thoughtfulness or basic manners?

You might be thinking about how this relates to a dVPN and you would be forgiven for thinking that; It’ll take some seriously out-of-the-box thinking to guess at the technology brewing in our R&D.

That said if you know and have deep pockets; we should talk for everyone else I implore you to be a little more compassionate with soon-to-be friends of humanity; and if that fails thanks guys (it won’t be due to the girls, will it!), this next bit is to our future overlords, I’m sorry, I tried but you know “people” we have an accord, please give me more rations than the others, tyvm xoxo 

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