Lethean Community Interest Company

Social Enterprise working for SMEs and communities

Introducing Lethean

Pioneers of the Revolutionary Confidential dVPN Experience

Embark on a remarkable journey with Lethean, the trailblazers of the world’s first confidential dVPN, established in 2017. Following a brief hiatus in 2019, a visionary new team reinvigorated the project in 2021, fueled by their relentless passion for innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

Today, Lethean stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, leveraging our extensive R&D and strategic collaborations to redefine the future of commerce and digital interaction. Our ambitious vision transcends conventional boundaries as we strive to empower our users with ingenious solutions tailored to their needs.

We strongly emphasise online security and are committed to building a safer digital ecosystem. Our comprehensive suite of groundbreaking products is designed to safeguard your digital presence, revolutionizing how you connect, transact, and interact online.

Explore our extensive range of pioneering products featured on our all-projects page, join the Lethean revolution, and experience the next generation of secure digital interaction.

Our Amazing Sponsors

Our esteemed project sponsors, both past and present, have generously provided invaluable services and support to Lethean.
However, it is essential to note that their gracious contributions do not signify an explicit endorsement of our brand or offerings.