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About Our Network

To summarize, we’re all about providing innovative open source software for anonymous end-to-end network access, data security and confidentiality where it counts.

Most have known the project to be primarily a VPN project; this now is far from the truth.

The software presently focuses on the following capabilities:

  • End-to-End secure tunnelling – Client and server VPN and Proxy products designed for the Lethean architecture.
  • Encrypted personal secure data management – Your data is securely stored and can reside anywhere.
  • Self-hosted application server software – Permits hosting of any application on any hardware or location. This permits Lethean-connected users to secure access via Lethernet SASE (Lethean’s off-grid internet) to Lethean hosted services, and/or internet ‘dirty’ access to Lethean SASE hosted services.
  • Confidential naming system – Create a confidential identity, your own domain and host services using your own self-managed DNS solution. This is completely free for anyone to utilise.

None of the above services is hosted by the project. This is unique and ensures a distributed landscape in which secure data access and hosted services are entirely managed by the Lethean community in a distributed and self-governing manner.

We are also a Research and Development Working Group which is open for anyone to contribute. We constantly strive to improve the software with the sole purpose of supporting global communities which are in dire need for such technology.

Lethean/IntenseCoin(ITNS) is a fork of the original CryptonoteFoundation project.

In development Software

We make software that makes little business sense, but huge social sense.

Zero-Knowledge Identity

OpenPGP-based user identity system, quasi-anonymous application authentication without data exposure to intermediary network nodes.

Clientside Application Framework

The industry would refer to this as SASE+, for normal people, this is applications running on your machine, on your data within your rules.

Confidential Networking/OSI-9

A proposed implementation of the current OSI-7 networking stack that redefines what is and is not possible with interconnected compute, injects security & data sovereignty into the TCP stack.

We build for a connected, cooperative future; so we can live without destroying mother Earth.